Concrete Repair in NWI

Professional Concrete Repair in NWI

Does the concrete in your driveway, sidewalk, or patio need to be repaired? Has it started to crack, sink, and pull apart? Unfortunately, concrete damage is a pretty common occurrence. This damage usually happens over a long period of time, caused by issues such as dried-out soil, expanding clay underneath the concrete, or poorly compacted fill soils. Regardless of the cause, there is an easy solution available to you; simply call us at 219-476-1515 or request a free estimate online. We’re the experts of concrete repair in NWI.

More About Our Concrete Repair in NWI

We are proud to offer a variety of concrete repair solutions. Once we assess the damage to your concrete, we can discuss which repair option is right for your situation. The service that your home requires usually depends on the extent of the damage to your concrete. For example, problems such as cracks or separated joints between slabs are fairly minor. To make this repair we remove loose debris, clean the area, fill in the cracks with a caulk sealant, then smooth out the surface. The more extensive the damage to your concrete, the more intensive the repair.

If your concrete has settled over time and appears broken and sunken, we will likely need to raise the concrete. We use two processes for this: mud-jacking and poly-jacking. With mud-jacking, we pump a grout-like mixture under the concrete to raise it. Poly-jacking is often used for concrete on a slope. With this technique, we raise the concrete using polyurethane foam. Regardless of the method used, concrete raising is an excellent cost-effective way to beautify your home.

Full-Service Concrete Repair in NWI

Whatever your needs, you can contact us for concrete repair. In NWI, we provide service to homeowners and businesses in Porter Country and parts of Lake, Japser, and LaPorte counties. Feel free to give us a call at 219-476-1515, request a free estimate online or send us an e-mail. We look forward to serving you.