Concrete Patio in Valparaiso, IN

Transform Your Yard with a Concrete Patio in Valparaiso

Concrete is one of the most popular materials for building sleek, modern, yet durable patio designs. At American Concrete Raising, we offer concrete patios in different designs, colors, and shapes to suit your yard and your personal style perfectly.

Benefits of Concrete Patios

Concrete is a one of the most durable and versatile materials for patios. It typically costs less to install than more labor-intensive materials such as brick or natural stone. Plus, concrete is highly alterable as you can change so many elements of it including the its shape, texture, and color. What’s more is that it’s low-maintenance and very durable. Since there are no joints in a concrete slab, you won’t have to worry about weeds springing up through any cracks. In addition, it’s high durability will stand up to the harshest weather and will look good as new for many more years to come.

Ideas for Your Concrete Patio

At American Concrete Raising, we pour so much more than simple concrete slabs. We’re able to create geometric shapes, add tints to the concrete for different colors, and so much more to make your concrete patio personal to you and your home.

Some of the ways you can personalize your concrete patio include:

  • Curvilinear designs – Using curves in your design instead of straight edges creates a soft, wavy look that can complement the gentle ripples in a pool, or provide contrast to the edges of your home, fence, or garden.
  • Geometric shapes – Geometric shapes can provide an angular, modern look for your concrete patio. A sharper look might contrast nicely with a curved garden design or a rounded pool.
  • Textures and patterns – In addition to the shape of your concrete patio, the textures and patterns of the surface can make for an eye-catching design. From a broom-swept finish to a brick or tile look.
  • Colors – Concrete doesn’t just come in gray. With tints and dyes added to the mixture, we can create colors that complement your home’s existing design elements.

If you’re thinking of adding a concrete patio to your landscape, give us a call at for a free quote and we’ll help you design the perfect patio for your home.